Are Crypto Pump Groups Profitable for new-comers in 2021? Update #1 — Strategy

Part 1: Are Crypto Pump Groups Profitable for new-comers in 2021?
Part 2: This post
Part 3: Update #2 — My first pump!
Part 4: Update #3 — Strategy for next pump
Part 5: Update #4 — My second pump!

Unfortunately the pump today, 6th January, was postponed until tomorrow. It’s now scheduled for the exact same time as another pump group and I’m assuming the admins of each group have been talking and are joining forces.

Anyway, it gives me a day to think about my strategy — how am I going to make sure I’m faster than enough people participating in the pump so I don’t get left holding the bag?

I’ve read in various places that a widely accepted strategy is to market buy initially, hold for a while and then limit sell when the price of the coin jumps up high enough. Sounds great in theory, but it does feel like there could be a lot go wrong.

A good place to start is to watch as many videos of recent pumps as I can find to get a feel for what it looks like, and jot down some ideas for improvement for each.

This is an interesting one as this guy limit buys instead of market and it takes him a full 7 seconds from the time the coin showed up in Discord to the time he hits the buy button.

It takes him 5 seconds to get the trade screen up, and we can see that already the coin is up over 100%.

Improvement ideas:

  1. Have the Binance window focused and on top to avoid needing to alt + tab across to it
  2. The internet connection seemed a little slow, the graph took a while to load

This guy is much faster, he’s on the trade screen within 2 seconds and we can see the price has only gone up 8% so far. What’s interesting here is his market buys fail to fill, even though he’s got the slider set to buy using 75% of his total available balance.

This means that the lowest limit sell order in the book is 25% above the last price. It feels like there is room for improvement in this step as well, but I’ll cover this off in a later post.

So he tries to buy again a couple of times and fails, gets a warning that he’s going to be buying at least 7% above market (in reality it’s more than that), and finally figures out he needs to move the slider to 50%. All wasting valuable time and decreasing the chances he’ll be quick enough to beat the rest of the pumpers.

Improvement ideas:

  1. Figure out how avoid using the % slider — this seems like a nightmare

Tough watching on this one, can’t really tell what the guy is doing but at any rate we can see that he’s slow and can’t type very well. But if guys like this can make money then I think we’ve got a decent shot at it.

Improvement ideas:

  1. Don’t make typos in a massive panic to get the coin in. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
  2. The old alt+tab trick again. Slow.

The buying strategy here seems to be a little more sound, using the slider at 25% to make sure the market buy orders go through and don’t hit the balance limit.

Still seems risky though, and what if you didn’t want to use anywhere near your whole balance? Do you have to try and select 5% or less on the slider? More time wasting…

Improvement ideas:

  1. There has to be a better way to decide how much to buy

Summary of our improvement ideas:

  1. Get prepared
    Have Discord / Telegram open, but have the exchange in focus with the symbol search box selected — stack the windows beside each other
  2. Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast
    Kill any torrents, YouTube vids, Netflix, etc
  3. Don’t use the % slider like the guys in the video
    Instead of trying to guess how much your current balance of Bitcoin will buy you at market buy rates, change the type of buy from Amount to Total. This means you can have the slider at 100% and it’ll buy as much of the coin that your balance will allow at market buy rates.
    Much easier, much faster.

Pump happening tomorrow — will post another update then.

If you’re keen to get involved, here are the groups I’m currently a member of:

Big Pump Signal — Discord
ThePump — Discord
PumpIt — Discord
Pump Makers, Risk Takers — Discord
Fire Pump Signal — Discord
Giga Chad’s Pump ‘n Dump Fraternity — Discord
Insider Pump Signals — Discord
Monster Pump — Bitcoin Investment — Discord
Pump Central — Discord
United Binance Pump — Discord
Nuclear Pump Signals — Discord